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Episode 1: When It’s Time

February 11, 2024
You Know What...
You Know What...
Episode 1: When It's Time
You Know What...
You Know What...
Episode 1: When It's Time

This very first episode of “You Know What” Podcast, I share with you my thoughts and feelings about a situation I am currently facing, CHANGING JOBS and the reason for my change.

I am not new to something like this. After being a contractor for 30 years I am in a different space and place about it all. I ended 2023 mentally trying to prepare myself to make some changes in both my personal and career life. Little did I know after coming back from Florida (supporting the client) the opportunity would come so fast.

Prior to this I had a conversation those above my manager and there was no disagreement in regard to my feeling like after 2 1/2 years being on this contract and remaining even after the loss of 11 team members and 2 1/2 service desk managers, I earned what I felt was right. To be promoted to Team Lead and be given a small raise.

As stated, there was no disagreement about the asked unfortunately, I was told I could not get it. I did not get mad and I kept coming in to make sure MY CUSTOMERS kept getting the BEST SUPPORT from me. A couple weeks ago GOD felt it was time.

I share with you this transition. I do it with NO ANGER. But I do it in hopes that it would help someone who may be facing the same challenge.

Please feel free to leave a comment and Thank You for listening.

Podcast Playlist:

Think For YourselfMoonspatz (Intro)

Hold On A Change Is ComingSounds Of Blackness
Never StopBrand New Heavies
Keep On Movin’Soul II Soul

This LifeKuranes (Bed Music)

OptimisticSounds Of Blackness (Outro)

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